Adaptable supply chains are ever more important...

2021 POS Study - Cover

Buying habits have changed dramatically over the last year as consumers opt to do more shopping from home and retailers have been forced to adapt in many ways. With so much uncertainty, and with supply chain challenges across the board, retailers and suppliers need to collaborate with one another more than ever before. Recent history is unlikely to be a useful guide as to how retail will play out in 2021, so flexibility to adapt and react to changing circumstances is critical. This study shines a light on what the key challenges are perceived to be, and highlights the importance of investing in appropriate data analytics to support data backed decision making.


Key Highlights

    • 84% of respondents this year, view POS analysis as an investment in their organization
    • 39% of responding companies have made significant changes to the way they analyze POS data in the last 12 months
    • 74% of respondents believe that their buyers are becoming increasingly receptive to ideas when presented with data-backed recommendations


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