What Do I Get?

As part of the free trial, CHHMA members will gain access to 15 insightful dashboards using the weekly POS data that you are currently receiving from either The Home Depot or Walmart. Each week Krunchbox will perform an automated data sync, providing weekly insights for dollar/unit sales, inventory exceptions, regional performance, and assortment tracking. Your participation in this program also includes an introductory training session as well as ongoing support.

What’s the Benefit?

This depends on your business and what you currently do with POS data. The three major benefits for taking up our offer are:

  • An opportunity to see the possibilities of POS data risk free. As a member of the CHHMA you can evaluate if your business is prepared to move past spreadsheets – without having to pay a cent.
  • Removal of gatekeepers from POS data. Having POS data in a system like krunchbox means you get relevant, visually appealing reports, delivered to your inbox. You don’t have to wait for your analyst to come into the office, crunch the numbers and follow up with them when you aren’t included on their email chain. Krunchbox automatically delivers information to you, on time, every week.
  • Improve your business and give something a go that your business hasn’t considered before. If your business has been throwing analysts at the data problem, now is the time to see what tools are available to help your analysts and sales team. Speed up reporting, reduce the amount of time you spend formatting spreadsheets and improve your companies use of data. See what your options are and learn about new tools that can improve your business.

What Work is Required?

The easiest thing to do is to give us a call, or send us an email and we can walk through the process.

It’s very easy to get up and running. Once we have your data we will give you access within two weeks to your own, personalized portal.

  • Step one is to get your Home Depot, or Walmart Data sent to us. Home Depot data is supplied in an EDI 852 file, we can help you access this file, or request the file from your IT department. Walmart data is provided in Retail Link. We will show you the format that we require and either ask you to extract the data, or we can walk through the extraction process on Skype.
  • A pricelist so we can assign your own categories, colors, brands, or an other information you want to load.
  • The email addresses of anyone in your business who wants logins so we can set you up with krunchbox accounts.

Which Dashboards Are Included?

Members can select from the following dashboards: Last Week Summary, YTD Summary, Top 20 Products, Retailer, Category, Product, Brand, Subcategory, Keycode, Colour, Size, Price, Store, State, Territory, Region and Week Trend.

Which retailers can I sign up with?

We are currently offering this complimentary program for The Home Depot or Walmart. Members can choose one retailer for the free trial.

How long is the implementation?

Once we have authorization, implementation typically takes two weeks.

How many users can access the dashboards?

You can have any number of users accessing the Dashboards without charge.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. Your membership of CHHMA gives you access to this exclusive offer to trial a limited number of insightful dashboards for a year.

How do I sign up?

Fill out the form on below. Please note that this program is only available to members of CHHMA or COPA.


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More Questions? Feel free to reach out any time! You can call or email Doug Murless at 416.689.9139 / dmurless@krunchbox.com