The things you need to know from a technical point of view are below, but let’s keep this simple. We are the leaders in collating, cleansing and normalising retail Point of Sale data from retailers all over the world. We make sure that you can view your data across your retail channels, with a common week ending date, with a common category hierarchy and so on.

You can view and analyse all that data through the proprietary krunchbox application, but equally, if you just want a single raw file each week, so you can load it into your ERP system or into a visualisation tool, we’ve got you covered.

The semi-technical stuff…..

We hold master data such as Calendars, Store Lists and Product codes, which we then combine with the retailer’s POS data, such as sales units and dollars, stock on hand and so on. That means you get the whole picture of sales by product by store by week.

The technical stuff….

Getting the data over to you in a useable format so that you can mash it up with your own data sources is actually pretty simple, but we have to make sure your data is absolutely secure.

We have two simple, but very secure ways to ensure you can get your data as soon as it is available:

Option 1: Secure File Transfer Protocol

SFTP is a standard protocol for securely transferring files from a server to a client on a network. For additional security we will ask you for the IP address you will use to download the files from, so we can lock that address. 

Option 2: SharePoint

 Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform that can be used to securely share files internally and externally. You can easily retrieve data from a SharePoint folder using :

  • API
  • Browser
  • ETL such as SQL SSIS
  • SAP via OData or Open Connectors


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